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November 15 2016 3 15 /11 /November /2016 11:07

Edlozini Herbal products info

Edlozini products helps people to maintain and restore their health and regain strength that everybody needs to live a long and fulfilling life.

Hence, Edlozini presents these herbal medicines to help the body, cleanse the system, and revitalize the body organs in order to ensure a strong and healthy body.



Edlozini herbal products

1.Alvedo immune booster.

1 Litre tonic

Helps improve blood circulation, increases appetite, gives energy, has disease fighting nutrients and prevents dizziness.

To be taken by anyone over the age of 6 years old, wanting to boost their immunity, regain strength and improve their health.

Especially for men who want to be energetic, strong and healthy.


2.Edlozini mighty booster.

1 Litre tonic

Especially for HIV+ people who want to regain their health. It helps to improve blood circulation, gives strength, has disease fighting nutrients, prevents dizziness, gives glowing skin, detoxifies the body, and cleanses the unwanted bacteria in the intestines.


3.Edlozini feminine flavour

1 Litre tonic

This is an amazing all in one women tonic which helps with many ailments that comes with hormonal imbalance in the female body.  Helps balance hormones, cleanses the ovaries, and gives glowing skin. Gives overall energy and improves sleeping patterns.

4.Edlozini Colon cleanser

1 Litre tonic

Cleanses the intestines of unwanted bacteria. Helps to improve digestive system. Even improves oral health and gets rid of bad breath.

Very good for cancer patients.

5.Edlozini bath salts


A bath salt for anyone who wants to be in touch with their spirituality/ ancestral powers.  Especially formulated to balance your energy/ aura, cleanse your spirituality and bring you luck. It leaves you vibrant and feeling fresh in the mind, body and soul. This is an all – in – one bath salt that can help relieve stress spiritually, whilst bringing you closer to your guides.

These products are available at

  1. edlozini in kzn

Contact info

Call: 062 642 1120

Watsup only: 063 830 3155

Email: nontotoba@yahoo.com


  1. In Johannesburg

Contact 0839400123


  1. In kzn contact: 072 532 5581


  1. In Empangeni contact : 073 788 1321


More distributors needed. Contact us edlozini  063 830 3155 (watsup)to distribute these products in your area.

 Discounted prices for distributers.

Prices for tonics are from R130

Bath salts from R40. 




































Published by Nonto Toba Goldstone
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November 15 2016 3 15 /11 /November /2016 10:46


Edlozini herbal products

Edlozini products are produced to cater for the needs of people who want to be spiritually free, financially independent, lead happy and healthier lives.

Edlozini products come from the work of ancestral powers, which has been the daily protocol at edlozini spiritual village. When ancestors are free and happy they become guardian angels that want nothing but the best for those who honour and celebrate their spirituality.

Edlozini has been around since 2004, when the leader Nontotobeko Toba Goldstone accepted the calling and started helping people with their spiritual/ ancestral problems. Over the years her ancestors have come up with instructions on how to help people and how to conduct ancestral rituals. People from all over the world have heard of the work that has been done at edlozini. Edlozini blog was created in 2009 to teach and educate people on the nature of ancestral powers. Years later a facebook page was launched under the name edlozini spiritual village. This page helps to spread the word of edlozini work and to provide information and contact details for edlozini.

Some of the work that has been done at edlozini includes, ancestral workshops, where people like author Zanomoya Madoda Mditshwa, DJ Thandolwethu Ngidi and department of health representatives were among speakers.

In 2012 edlozini hosted a chidren”s weekend camp that was designed to educate kids on the powers of ancestors. During this weekend, kids were introduced to Yoga, team building activities and other fun games which took place at Amanzimtoti Bird Park.

Over the years edlozini has been known to offer the only place in South Africa where people from all walks of life gather on a monthly basis to celebrate their spirituality through a prayer session of umgidi. Edlozini has been the only place in South Africa that offer their place to people from all walks of life to this kind of opportunity. People always come from across the country to congregate and appease their ancestral power without the obligations of being initiated for ancestral calling.

Some of the activities that have taken place at edlozini include a women”s pampering session where a beautician came and did the nails to the women of edlozini, a Modelling agency did a shoot scouting potential models, and a Yoga Guru conducted a class at edlozini at one stage. Health products presentations from Amway also took place at one stage. All these initiatives were done in order to incorporate ancestral work into the work that edlozini people are doing. And to prove to the people that appeasing your ancestors is part of our daily lives, which is way of life for everybody and anybody that wants to do it.

All this time edlozini has been known to help people with ancestral issues without using any particular traditional medicines.  And they have done a remarkable amount of work that is recognised by people worldwide.

Edlozini through its blog, ancestral prayer session of umgidi, interactions with people over the phone and through email has touched the lives of many people all over the world. What has been remarkable about the work done at edlozini has been the fact that people, for the first time have been given a chance to appease their ancestral powers, accept their calling and celebrate their spirituality without having to use the hard core method of using traditional herbs and ancestral initiation of ukuthwasa in order to connect with their ancestors. This has been achieved through the usage of powers as a main tool in which to connect, communicate and correct imbalances of energy in the ancestral world.  All this work has been done by the person behind edlozini work, who up until two years ago has been known as non-other than Nontobeko Toba, aka Toba. She has just been married and now goes by her marital surname Goldstone.

Nontobeko Toba Goldstone has been working as a spiritual medium who has been helping people to connect to their ancestral powers and help cleanse them in order to sort out problems they are faced with. Over the years her ancestors have given her some medicinal remedies to help the sick and remedy illness, even though this was not the primary work which she started out doing some ten years ago.

Just recently her ancestors have announced that the work to heal the spirit and the soul has been done to their satisfaction. Now it’s the time to concentrate on healing the physical body.

Edlozini herbal products are a result of medicinal remedies that her ancestors have given her over the years to help people who want to concentrate on the physical body, purify the blood and correct abnormalities in the constituency of the physical body. These products are to be used by people seeking to heal their bodies of illnesses, supplement their systems and as nutrients for those who want to remain healthy and fit.

It is very important that people must understand that everything start in the spiritual world before it manifest itself into the physical world. Just like the thought in your mind when you want to have a baby, which happens long before that baby is even conceived. This means that people need to accept, honour and celebrate their spirituality first, before they embark on tying to heal the body which is sick. It is of no use to concentrate on the body alone, while leaving out the soul and the spirit, because that would constitute neglecting the source or the root cause.

Edlozini products helps people to maintain and restore their health and regain strength that everybody needs to live a long and fulfilling life.

Hence, Edlozini presents these herbal medicines to help the body, cleanse the system, and revitalize the body organs in order to ensure a strong and healthy 


Edlozini herbal products

1.Alvedo immune booster.

1 Litre tonic

Helps improve blood circulation, increases appetite, gives energy, has disease fighting nutrients and prevents dizziness.

To be taken by anyone over the age of 6 years old, wanting to boost their immunity, regain strength and improve their health.

Especially for men who want to be energetic, strong and healthy.


2.Edlozini mighty booster.

1 Litre tonic

Especially for HIV+ people who want to regain their health. It helps to improve blood circulation, gives strength, has disease fighting nutrients, prevents dizziness, gives glowing skin, detoxifies the body, and cleanses the unwanted bacteria in the intestines.


3.Edlozini feminine flavour

1 Litre tonic

This is an amazing all in one women tonic which helps with many ailments that comes with hormonal imbalance in the female body.  Helps balance hormones, cleanses the ovaries, and gives glowing skin. Gives overall energy and improves sleeping patterns.

4.Edlozini Colon cleanser

1 Litre tonic

Cleanses the intestines of unwanted bacteria. Helps to improve digestive system. Even improves oral health and gets rid of bad breath.

Very good for cancer patients.

5.Edlozini bath salts


A bath salt for anyone who wants to be in touch with their spirituality/ ancestral powers.  Especially formulated to balance your energy/ aura, cleanse your spirituality and bring you luck. It leaves you vibrant and feeling fresh in the mind, body and soul. This is an all – in – one bath salt that can help relieve stress spiritually, whilst bringing you closer to your guides.



These products are available at

  1. edlozini in kzn

Contact info

Call: 062 642 1120

Watsup only: 063 830 3155

Email: nontotoba@yahoo.com


  1. In Johannesburg

Contact 0839400123


  1. In kzn contact: 072 532 5581
  2. In Empangeni contact : 073 788 1321


More distributors needed. Contact us edlozini  063 830 3155 (watsup)to distribute these products in your area.

 Discounted prices for distributers.

Prices for tonics are from R130

Bath salts from R40.


Published by Toba
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October 2 2015 6 02 /10 /October /2015 11:54


Celebrating your spirituality is about being grounded in who you are as a human being, knowing your roots and being proud of your ancestors an celebrating them openly and proudly. It is about having a prayer place where connect and pray to your guides in peace. This prayer place may not necessary be the main prayer where the head of the family conducts family prayers and rituals. Even a space or a corner in your room beside your bed where you find peace and quiet before bed can be demarcated as your own prayer place.

Most people only turn to ancestral prayers when they have problems and they do it behind closed doors, not wanting people to know or find out about it. Ancestral powers can only work for you if you practice your ancestral prayers and celebrating your spirituality with no reservations. It”s a pity that most people are still confused when it comes to spirituality and religious tendencies.

There are people who come to me and say that they are torn between doing their ancestral prayers and being christians. This is because Christians are taught not to do ancestral prayers because ancestors according to them, are called demons. They forget that Christianity is a religion, something which is learnt. It is something that is being taught to people. This is something which stem from christian faith( to make an example). A Faith is very dangerous because it is a trust in something or someone or a belief not based on proof. One thing I always tell people is that it is very hard to unlearn something that you have learnt. People need to understand that a religion is an organized collection of beliefs, cultural systems and world views that relate humanity to an order of existence. Many religions have narratives, symbols, and sacred histories that seek to explain the meaning of life, the origin of life or the universe. Christian faith was taught to our grandparents and parents. They were forced and tricked into accepting Christian faith. Those who rebelled were deemed outcast and punished until they submitted to it. Our parents accepted this faith from their parents and taught it to us. In our black African culture we are taught to respect our parents and never question anything they teach us. And for a long time we accepted Christianity with no questions asked because it is a faith and a practice learnt from our elders, not because it is something we felt from the heart. So, are we still going to continue teaching our kids this Christian faith even though we have proof that it has damaged the strength of our spirituality and connection to our ancestors?

Yes, our parents were forced into this faith and as time went on life presented its reality to us, and we began to realise the truth of how our ancestors were forced into accepting this Christian faith. Reality has taught us that ancestral problems present in our lives are as a result of us neglecting our roots and following the western religion. We also learnt in school that our ancestors were victims of colonisation which in turn forced them to take the religion of their colonisers. This is the case in every country where people are forced by circumstances….to take after their colonisers and follow them, be it the religion, language even culture.

Looking back at Christianity people need to realise that, it is one of the powerful religions of the past after the Abrahimic religions which were there before the so-called Christ figure. Christianity was not as powerful until about 325 AD when Constantine used it to rebuild his Roman emperor which was falling apart. Before then, people in Rome were worshiping the sun and they were called pagans. They had different symbols and statures that they were worshiping. Constantine had a vision that he was going to win in battle with the power of the cross, so he mobilised his soldiers to use the cross and thereafter summoned Christianity to be the only religion in Rome, after winning in the that battle. He himself also did not become Christian until soon before his death. Constantine is believed to have only been baptised on his dead bed. When you look at this history you can see that Rome was forced into Christianity because of political reasons and not because of the love of the faith itself. Since then, it has been in the christian religion to conquer and convert people into Christianity.

Our ancestors also fell victims of being conquered and then converted into Christianity. Most of them tried to rebel but they failed and ended up submitting to it.

So, now it is very hard for our black African people to understand where they stand because this Christian religion was taught to us by our parents and grandparents. But most people do not know or understand that even our grandparents were forced into accepting this christianity to start with.

When you celebrate your spirituality, you honour and accept your ancestors. The conflict comes into play because our ancestors themselves were also Christians. We just need to take a step back and understand that this Christianity was forced into them. Yes, some of them when they come through to us they will come across as Christians because that is the religion that they practice but this does not mean that it is our religion. This is a religion that we were coaxed and forced into following.

We can also go another step back and look deep into this Christianity and understand that it is merely a collection of books or so-called gospels that were compiled into a big black book. Studies nowadays are also showing that there were more gospels that were rejected when this book was compiled and that makes you wonder why. Could it be that maybe these gospels were not in line with the motives and political agenda of Constantine, when he commissioned the Council of Nicaea. The council of Nicaea took place 325AD. Its aim was to compile the bible and discuss different topics like the existence of one true God, the relationship of the son of God to God himself and the divinity of this so-called Christ.

Celebrating your spirituality is about being grounded in who you are as a human being and an individual, knowing your roots and being proud of your ancestors and celebrating them openly and proudly. When you neglect your ancestors and follow other people”s religion, you become weak spiritually. When you celebrate your ancestors, it starts with knowing them, accepting them and honouring them. You can know them by connecting through a reading /consultation, cleanse yourself and your spirits and create your own prayer place where you appease them.

Do not allow the influence of western religion to inhibit you from celebrating your spirits. Know that your spirituality is something that no one can take away from you. It is something which is in your blood, something that our forefathers were robbed off. It is about time that we reclaim what is ours and practice it with pride. Do not be confused by the influence of the religion that was brought to this land in order to oppress and weaken us as a people.

You need to realise that this religion, like all other religions, it is man-made. It was orchestrated so that it divides and conquers us.

There is nothing new that they teach us in church, which we already don’t know from our parents or culture. We all know that there is wrong and right out there in the world. We all know that it is wrong to kill and abuse one another. We were all taught to respect the elders from our homes. No one needs to go to church in order to learn about these things.

When you celebrate your spirituality, you become strong from the soul. You focus and become energised to do even more in life. Ancestral practice teaches us to set our spirits free so that they can guide and protect us.

There are people who are afraid of accepting their calling because they feel it is barbaric . Others prefer to accept it and use it in church so that they are accepted by their peers. And yet they suffer because of not accepting and acknowledging properly. When you fail to accept your ancestors you become sick, emotionally and eventually it affects you physically. You also suffer under a dark cloud of uncertainty and depression. When you fail to go to church you only feel the guilt because the teachings of the church instigate those feelings in you. When you become sick because of the ancestral calling, the church does not help you. They just tell you that you are possessed by demons. When you accept your calling and stop calling your ancestors demons you begin to see the light and your life changes for the better.

There is no need to be torn between accepting your calling and listening to the teachings of religions because at the end of the day ancestors operate from within you. Religion is something which you are taught. Religion was made by man in order to control and manipulate people.

Ancestors always come back and want us to cleanse them for the wrong doings they committed on earth. Even human being when they die, they ask for forgiveness from those they wronged because they are at a stage where they can see the light. Ancestors are against any wrong doing committed against one another. Even the ones who use to do the wrong, they come back and ask us to set them free so that they can see the light. Once they see the light, they begin to operate effectively as powerful guides in our lives. Ancestors who were deep in the church also come back and ask for ancestral rituals so that they can be set free and be united to their families on the other side. There are people who are born-again Christians but they encounter problems just before death, such they ask for ancestral rituals so that they can also be united to their bloodline on the other side. Religion is something of this world and ancestors are a power that operate after death. This power is there to guide and protect us all the time. So, it is up to us to accept, acknowledge, celebrate and honour our ancestors.

The next time you feel torn, you need to listen to your heart because the heart never lies. When you trust yourself your ancestral power will never fail you.

Published by Toba
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August 28 2015 6 28 /08 /August /2015 13:30


A number of people have been asking me to come up to Johannesburg to do readings for them but this has not materialized in the past. As a result of a number of requests from Johannesburg people for me to come up and open a branch that side, I have decided to take this opportunity and make it work.

I will be available around johannesburg sometime in September for those who are interested in doing readings to connect with their ancestors and find out who their leading guides are to cleanse them and find a way forward in their lives. Those who are interested can make bookings on 0789146793, watsup 0610852866, email nontotoba@yahoo.com or inbox Nontobeko Toba Goldstone on facebook. I will be doing readings, cleansings and basic educational sessions on ancestral powers. For those in Durban and surroundings Im still available on 0746240970.

A reading helps you to connect with your guides so that through me they can voice out their feelings and the state they are in on the other side. This is important to isolate the problems and the burdens holding you in back in your life. It also helps to clarify the kind of powers or a calling that you have. It also helps those who want to accept their ancestral calling.

During a reading, it is very important to sit, relax and listen to each and everything that your ancestral powers relate to you. Ancestral powers do not come across and converse like us human beings because they operate from another world of the” dead” . Their messages may need to be explained and clarified in details when the reading is finished, so it is ok if some messages may appear to be unclear during the reading. Ancestors do not speak a direct language like human beings do. They relate their messages in a universal language that it easy to translate when you mirror it to the kind of life that you are living.

It is not advisable to interrupt ancestors during a reading because they usually shut down and this causes a lot of strain, worsening your problems in your life. When you come for a reading, you need to be calm and collected, waiting to take everything that your ancestors say to heart. Only when the consultation is done can you ask questions so that everything can be put into perspective for you. The best part is that everything is written down for you, so that you can take it home with you and use it as a guide.

During a reading your ancestors use my body to voice out their feelings and emotions towards you. It is not a one on one conversation where you converse and get straight forward answers on the spot. But it is a session where you get the perspective of the kind of ancestors or powers that you have, what they want form you and what you can do in order to solve problems you might be faced with in your life. The reason why we need to have a session to clarify messages afterwards is because some messages from the other side can be unclear during the actual reading. Messages are unclear because some ancestors are still stuck in darkness and they have not found the “Light” yet.

Ancestors are now in a different kind of world where different rules apply as opposed to those we are used to here on earth, for instance, there is no force of gravity where they are. There is no physical pain because they have no physical bodies anymore. But for those who are still stuck between worlds, causing problems to you, this state can be very confusing. Hence we need to be very sympathetic to them and be very patient in trying to set them free so that we can also experience harmony that we long for here on earth.

Basically a reading is a session where we connect to the unknown world of ancestors and try to connect to those ancestors who are still stuck between worlds. Some ancestors are confused because they died before their time (so- to- speak), they died abruptly in accidents, others were bewitched and others left loved ones here on earth. Once we make that connection to these powers, we then explore their problems and try to find a solution which can help them while helping us at the same time. The key is to go in into a reading with a clear mind of helping ancestors so that they can help us in return. We must not be selfish in thinking that is all about us. Even though we know that people come for a reading because they are experiencing problems but it is important to understand that those problems stem from the status of your ancestors/ your powers. So, the aim is to harmonize those powers. Your aim is to try and not disrupt, interrupt or make matters worse by coming across as too anxious or arrogant, otherwise ancestors get disturbed. Remember they are already confused but eager to pass some messages across to you at this point.

During a reading a lot of tears are shed. Tears can come from a place of pain or happiness. Tears are a way of cleansing the soul.

After a reading there is a sessions where one can get to ask questions and get clarity on what the ancestors voiced out. Most of this is written down for you so that you can go back to it at home and revise and stick to those measures.

Readings are done on appointments only because this work is taxing on the body and it takes a long time emsamo/ in the prayer place. It needs patience and understanding.

A Cleansing is always essential after a reading in order to help cleanse yourself, your ancestors, the tears and to balance up your energy. During a cleansing we cleanse your body but in actual fact we are trying to touch the “soul” and cleanse your ancestors for you. A cleansing corrects whatever is pointed out during the reading to be causing problems in your life. A cleansing helps take that load off your shoulders. It is designed in order to touch the soul and correct the mistakes of the past.

After a cleansing one goes home to prepare their prayer place. Directions are given on how to prepare a prayer player place/ umsamo, where one prays on a daily basis to ask and to appease your guides. This is a way of celebrating yourself as a spiritual being and remembering that Spirituality is a way of life. A prayer place can be any demarcated place in your home where you choose to pray or a place where your own ancestors advise you to pray at. Some ancestors have specific things they may need in your prayer place, depending on the type of powers you have. We all are supposed to have some sort of a prayer place/ corner at home where we connect to our ancestors. This prayer place has nothing to do with the main prayer place for the household where the head of the family does the family/ cultural rituals. This prayer place can be any place where you find your quietness and connect for prayer with your own guides.

It is always important understand that spirituality is part of life. One needs to celebrate their spirituality by knowing, understanding and celebrating their powers/ ancestors. Edlozinin we then extend this by attending umgidi sessions from time to time in order to revive our powers.

Thank you

Love and Light

Nontobeko Toba Goldstone


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February 23 2015 2 23 /02 /February /2015 15:53

When we die we go in search of the light because we enter into a new world of darkness. It is darkness because we are not used to this new world. We have to get used to it first before we can start to maneuver our way in search of the light or way forward.


Those who are in darkness are still burdened by different things, they haven"t figured out the light or the way forward. Despite the fact that we all have to go through a phase of darkness as we enter a new world, some take longer than others to see the light. Reasons for this are endless. It is the same like when we first entered the planet earth. We were young. We needed help from time to time, to learn and adjust to the demands of the earth. We had to learn to breath, to cry when we are upset to stop crying when our needs are fulfilled. All our happiness was brought upon by the lessons we learnt and then we chose happiness because it felt good.


Never stop learning if you want to stop complaining and crying. Crying is only necessary to cleanse the soul. But soon after we all pick ourselves up and move forward. Most of the time the problem that make us cry is always there but after crying we learn the means and ways to either live with it or move around it. It is not all problems that can be tackled and conquered hence we have to learn to choose our fights wisely and move forward in life. Because life goes on. time waits for no one....


The same thing that happens on earth takes place again when we die. The new world that we enter into becomes difficult but with time we get used to it and manage ourselves through. No one is exactly sure of what happens after death. What we know is just bits and pieces that we put together from the information we gather from our ancestors. Some ancestors are more open about this information than others. They all speak of the darkness and difficult way to figure out the light.


What we need to understand is that....the cycle repeats itself. What ever happens here on earth affects us after death but the rules of both these worlds obviously differ.


It is very important to open the window the of opinion on any subject and then process all the data before we dismiss it. Once you have made your own decision on your own standpoint, allow others freedom to do the same because we are all different in this world and beyond.


It is true that not all of us can agree on each and every subject here on earth all the time. Which means the same thing can also happen beyond this earth. One thing for sure though is that for every darkness we need to shine some light upon it in order to see a change for the greater good.


The light is like the truth, it sets us free. which is the reason why lies, deceit and ugliness will hold us back. All ancestors who come through after death have some sort of darkness that holds them back and they need that light to shine upon then so that they can be set free and move forward freely in search of the light. People go to healers and prophets to uncover the hidden truths that hold them back in their lives.


The only problem with the light nowadays is that it comes in different shape size and form, and the reasons for this are endless.... It is just a shame though that people tend to use what I like to call "artificial light" in trying to deal with the darkness. We tend to forget that there is only one form of darkness and one form of light. No matter what the causes of darkness are, it is very important to use a form of light that comes from a place of LOVE. Once we start judging and demeaning those who are different to us we make situations worse. Sometimes we need to agree to disagree on subject matters because there is no way we can all be of the same opinion otherwise the freedom to be ourselves is taken away. No one can judge another and we need to accept people and treat them like we would have them treat us.


Seeing the light here on earth is just as important as seeing it on the other side, otherwise we are creating a generation of disgruntled people who will be disgruntled ancestors. All this spells one thing...DISASTROUS future and uncertainty for generations to come. It is a pity that we live in a modern world which allows us healers to use social networks and document our work. This is a blessing and a curse at the same time.It is a blessing to those who use it wisely because the information is freely and easily accessible to people. But this is also a curse because I have seen people who think they are healers but they will go out of their way to compete for clients and flex their muscles on social networks. If they know that you are also a healer, they will make sure to stalk you and comment on each and every status that you put up just to put you down or show others that they are better than you. This is very unkind and embarrassing because other people are seriously seeking help here on the net.


Maybe this is the reason why i have not been posting in a while even though i know that I have my own blog where I share my knowledge from my ancestors but at times we meet up on other social networks and this creates negative vibes when people go out of their way to confuse the public. How I so wish that most healers can have their own blogs where they share their work and expertise from the gift that they have with the aim of helping people out there. Instead of stalking one another and sending conflicting messages to people. Let the people choose who they wanna go to because their ways and work appeals to them. Just the other day i was notified about somebody who quoted me on a certain page but neglected to say that he/she got that information from my blog.


Sometimes you will put up a status on your wall and people will flock in to contradict you simply because they want to put you down and then share their own two cents of knowledge, lol! I mean really. "Dude open your own blog and let the people benefit from your work as well".


Yes we are healers but we are also human beings who share a joke or two with our friends from time to time. We just need to be careful that everything we do or say is to help instead of harming another human being otherwise we must stop calling ourselves healers.


I have also not been able to post in a while because being a human being that I am, my ancestors blessed me with a man who loved me enough to make me his wife last year. Yes i got married on the 31 October 2014. My husband understands my work and has no problem with me being a healer. For the past year I have gone through a process of transition because entering into a marriage has its responsibilities too. I can say that i am now settled and feel that I can juggle all my responsibilities with ease.... The responsibilities of being a wife, mother, medium and a black woman in south africa. lol! All this time I did not stop consulting though. I still do readings, cleansings and umgidi ceremonies at edlozini.


at the moment we are in the process of extending our place of gathering for umgidi because it has become too small for the amount of people that come by each time we meet. I am hoping that we will resume with umgidi as soon as possible.


I also know that a lot of people have been asking me to come up to Gauteng to open a branch there. I am planning to visit Gauteng in the near future and see if I can make plans for that branch, as well... All Gauteng enquiries can be sent to this no: 0789146793. or email me at nontotoba@yahoo.com for more info. watsup only on 0610852866.


A calling is a calling....nomatter what i do, i will always be a healer, bringing LOVE and LIGHT to the lives I touch. That is my obligation until my ancestors tell me otherwise.


Thank you


Nontobeko Toba Goldstone

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November 28 2014 6 28 /11 /November /2014 13:12

Traditional healers have tried in the past to make claims that they have found the cure for AIDS but these have been found to be untrue and has left all of us believing that, really there is no cure for AIDS. 


As a spiritual medium I have worked with a lot of Traditional healers, at first it was to try and make sense of my life and my calling and then I consulted with them as a healer to find out why traditional healers are so discredited by other medical professions. This is what I have learnt from other traditional healers.Traditional healers don't always know about the boilogical and scientific aspect of a human body- how it works, gets rid of toxins and most importantly how it fights the diseases. Having said all this, the traditional healers then go ahead and make unfounded claims without any proper proof about their findings. 

This has lead to the medical profession ignoring all claims and attempts that the traditional healers are trying to do when it comes to the fight against HIV/AIDS.

A lot of health care practitioners are saying and really believing that there is no cure for aids as if we will never even find it in the future. All the other ailments and diseases were difficult to cure in the beginning but in time God gave men the wisdom to crack the cure. I believe its the same thing with aids in time it will appear to all mankind that the cure is here and has been here a long time ago but we were too busy saying that `there is no cure` and we missed it while it was staring us in the face.

I believe that traditional healers do have a cure but they don't know how to go about it in relation to the illness. Another problem is that people do not commit to the medication given by traditional healers because they don't take it long enough. People do go to traditional healers but they don't believe that they can be cured, why is that? Is it because everyone has declared aids incurable? may be in the near future we will get the answer.


As for me being a spiritual medium, I have not had  a lot experience with the `muti` as I like to call traditional medicines. My guides work mainly with the the powers that God has allowed for them to use on me. The medicines/muti that i know is more of a general knowledge whereby everyone knows the uses of ginger, mint, impepho and so forth.

...but i do know a secrete recipe for a  medication, called ALVEDO.

Alvedo was given to me in my dream by my late brother whom I have mentioned in my previous articles that he was still- born to my mum and is one of my powerful guides. He gave me this muti to use on HIV patients and I have used it on some of my patients for a long time now. The people who have used this muti are well and have not had problems since they started using it. The only problem I have is that people do not stick to the medicine. There are others who take it for a little while and when they feel better they just leave it. This is very frustrating to me because I believe that if people stick to the medication and be patient more can be achieved. It puzzles me because people will take TB treatment for six months and yet they expect to be cure of a more serious illness in two days- I mean really. 

Alvedo works as a immune booster for people sickly people as it increases apetite and boost energy in the body. It also helps with weight gain as makes people want to eat even when they have lost apetite. 

At the moment i am looking for distributors to promote this medication in all parts of the country. 



I present to you ...





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July 29 2014 3 29 /07 /July /2014 13:20


We have dealt with different kinds of spirits in the ancestral world and spoke about all sorts of powers, but we have not touched on the souls of those who leave us before they even take a breath of this life.

It is of general knowledge that when we die, we become spiritual guides/ ancestors to those who are still living, providing guidance and protection to them. This is a way in which we evolve after death and reach different level of realm in the spiritual world. On this journey, the spirits take different roles as they evolve and sometimes show themselves in our lives, through dreams and visions. Spirits which are in a bad space transmit negative energy to the living and ask for us to set them free.

Spiritual/ ancestral world is all about energy and balancing of that energy. The energy is cleansed in different ways depending on the healer who is performing the ritual, thus providing a harmonious life to people in the physical world.  We have learnt that there may be different kinds of spiritual guides/ ancestors guiding a person all at the same time. These may be male, female, maternal, paternal, grandparents or even great grandparents. All these guides affect the lives of the living in one way or the other and they need to be accepted, acknowledge, honoured and celebrated. By doing so, we are simply recognising the fact that we are all spiritual beings and it does not mean that we worship them in any way.

We have not talked about the case where a soul is terminated before it even becomes a human being. This is the case where a woman has a miscarriage, abort a baby or delivers a still-born baby. We need to clearly understand that a soul of a baby which is not carried to term can still be a spirit to the mother and/or other relatives, like siblings and in some cases even the father. This happens when a person has among his/ her guides a soul of a baby that left this life before birth. This type of soul like all the other spirits can cause problems in our lives even though it was still very tender when it got terminated.

It is important firstly to understand that as we are all spiritual beings, this means that at some stage we are just a though in our parents’’ minds before our conception. This is the stage when two people are still thinking of having a baby. At conception, a foetus is formed and we begin to take shape and become matter. At birth we take our first breath and become physical living beings, and then at death we revert back to being spiritual beings as our soul returns back to the source and we become spirits again. …this is the journey of the soul.

The general knowledge is also that only old people can become ancestors and in my line of work I have seen quite the contrary to this belief. It is very possible that an unborn child can still hung around a mother, amongst all the other ancestors with the hope of being set free, in order to resolve its issues or that of the mother.

“Edlozini”we always stress that a person should understand their life and accept problems and difficult times as they come. When a mother loses an unborn baby, firstly, the mother should understand that there could be different meanings to this occurrence. Mothers who usually have miscarriages have proved to be those mothers who are led by male guides themselves and these male guides have not been properly recognised in the mothers” life. Usually women who have male guides have problems with everything that other normal women have in the physical world, these could be menstrual problems, personal/relationship problems with males, they get miscarriages or have still-born babies at some stage in their lives. All these are spiritual reasons which can trigger a series of events in the spiritual world. -these events may end up manifesting themselves as a result of such a miscarriage in the physical world. In trying to understand this, we need to realise that everything that happens in the physical world is something that has its origin in the spiritual world, as per cycle of life. Sometimes we make a mistake by looking at the problems we have in the physical world in totality without thinking deep that, they have its origin somewhere in the spiritual world. So when a mother loses a baby in this manner, obviously it affects us physical and emotionally but we neglect to look at the spiritual meaning of this.

Firstly we need to understand that for such a mother, there needs to be some spiritual meaning hence she has a miscarriage ( abortion even). If the other male guides that you have in your life are not happy with the way you are handling yourself or you haven’t accepted and recognised them in your life, this may happen to you. It may also happen if maybe you have powers that you refuse to accept formally even though you have been told or you just refuse to believe in the ancestors and their existence in our lives. Another reason may also be the fact that your partner has not honoured your powers when beginning a relationship with you through the process of ukukhunga. All in all, such cases happen when ancestors are not happy with our conduct and they want to show us that they have the power to affect our lives that much...

In the case of an abortion, we need to understand that people make a decision to abort because of different reasons and no one should be in a position to judge...  Usually women who are guided by males are much more brave and go getters such that it becomes easy for them to take a decision to abort as opposed to women who are female guided. No matter what the case is, abortion also falls under the scenario where a pregnancy is terminated before the child is born, this being because of a medical complication or a personal matter.  And this leaves us with a soul of a child which has not lived but still can wander around as a spirit in our lives.

When this tender spirit is amongst other ancestors in a woman’s life, if feels less important and end up causing problems in that life. Most souls of these babies have come forward and complained that they are among experienced spirits who know more about the physical world than them. The tender spirits feel left out and unimportant and this prompts them to come forward and ask for help. We all know that when spirits speak, we don’t all get the message at the first go. It is usually not until our lives have been totally disrupted that we turn to the spiritual world for answers. These young/ tender spirits usually cry for help in different ways, forcing the mother to do something about their plight.

On the other hand we also need to understand the journey of the soul deeply in order to realise that the foetus/ baby itself has agreed to dying before life in this case and it doesn’t matter whether we are talking about abortion, miscarriage or still-born case.  Reason being, each and every soul chooses to return to earth to fulfil certain obligations which may or may not even include living life to the fullest of being carried to term in their mother’s wombs.

When we try and concentrate on the mothers who lose their unborn babies, we can continue to say that it is very important to know and understand your own ancestral status first before you look to the outside causes of your miscarriage. It is also important to know that there certain rituals that need to be done for that unborn baby to set their spirit free and incorporate it with other grown up ancestors so that it serves you well, instead of halting your life. Rituals necessary may differ depending on the healer who is helping you. One important factor though is always to recognise the existence of this tender spirit amongst your guides and in some cases, give it a name so that it can be set free. This is done together with proper cleansing and other important rituals which may be asked by each and every soul that is touched during such a reading.

My brother who comes after me who was still- born, came to me and demanded a name, and asked that he be given some duties to do because he was amongst very old ancestors (as he was the only child who had more energy to run around and help me in my initiation to becoming a spiritual medium). Necessary measures were taken to set him free and some years later he appeared to me in a dream as a grown man of about 26 years and that was the happiest day of my life. He came and told me that he has been set free and has grown and showed such gratitude for everything we have done for him.

Once such a soul has been tapped into, it rises and it says whatever it requires so that it can be set free and then it is cleansed and incorporated to the other old ancestors. This is a very important ritual because if it is not done, it causes a lot of problems or even halts progress in the life of the mother or other siblings of such a baby. The reason why the spirit of this child feels left out is because it is amongst other guides who were once living on earth and are experienced about the life on earth. So, when we pray and ask them for guidance, this young spirit feels clueless because it had not experienced life of earth when it died. This causes it to feel less of a guide thus making it sad and angry and yet we all know that spirits should all float freely and equally after death ( as we are all the same in the spiritual world.)

If proper rituals and recognition is not done to these tender spirits, they end up causing a black cloud over a person they occupy. They also cause a lot of experiences which end up in tears and heartache. A person who has an unhappy baby guide amongst their ancestors often has a problem of being taken lightly in the world or in any relationship they are involved in. This person may complain that others are side- stepping them or they are being left behind while other people progress in life. All this, is usually caused by an upset baby guide that is left unnoticed in a person’s life.


This is the reason why "edlozini"during the month of August, to coincide with the women's month, we will be cleansing all women, who have had miscarriages, abortions or still-born babies...



Ofuna ukugezwa ngoba waphuphunyelwa isisu, wakhipha isisu, washonelwa umntwana noma ofuna ukufunda kabanzi ngalesisimo.
Sizokhuluma kabanzi ngalesimo sokulahlekelwa umphefumulo osemncane, nendlela yokulungisa lesisimo. Bese sihlambulula labo abanalenkinga.
Details of the Event
Date: 2 August 2014
Time: 18:00
Venue: Edlozini/ Mnini
Entrance free!!!
074624 0970 bookings essential!!!

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June 26 2014 5 26 /06 /June /2014 11:09

I am sharing this information because, over the years i have learnt that information sharing is a very effective tool in educating and empowering our nation of the status of affairs and the problems we are faced with as a society.


These are the comments and  questions I get from my blog, email (nontotoba@yahoo.com), facebook account( Nontobeko Toba and Edlozini spiritutal village facebook page on a daily basis. 

I answer these questions to the best of my ability and according to my calling and ancestral knowledge as soon as i possible can. 

On a daily basis i do readings, cleansings and other ancestral ritual for people who come to my place and sometimes it takes me time to get back to people who write to me but i make it a point to atleast log on my pc and answers questions occassinally. 

Here are some of the questions and comments that people pose to me and i mentioned just a few in order to outline the kind of problems we are faced with a society. 

...and because of my other commitments, i am unable to add new posts to my blog but God and dlozi willing, i will...

Watch this space. 

(names have been removed for privacy of enquirers:)


Q:I have always had dreams that come to pass even after ten years.  I always dream talking to the dead, them telling me what to do but the problem I am Christian.  I have prayed that

those dreams go away but they are not.


A: Hi

I think you need to read more about Christianity, what it is, when it started as a religion and then educate yourself about ancestors and dreams. 

christianity is a religion that was invented by "man" . Ancestors and dreams are a part of a human experience embedded deep in your intuition. It is something that is inside of you but religion had discredited it so that we as a people can become weak, spiritually and then listen to anything that comes from outside influence.  Listen to your dreams and ask for guidance. 

Dying is part of a cycle of life. when we die we become spirits and go back to our source, creator, or whoever you wanna call your God. 

ancestors and dreams have a meaning because they come from the very core which is your intuition. it is something that you do not learn or ask for. it is a part of you. do not be decieved by those who say ancestors are demons because they have alterior motives. 

we need to pray for our beloved ones who have passed on so that they can have peace in death. not to say we worship them but we pray for them to enter the passage of death gracefully and become powerful and good guides to us who are still leaving. 

A wise man once said to me, "if you call your ancestors demons it means you are also a demon in waiting" 

edlozini thina we pray for our ancestors and set their spirits free so that we can leave harmonious lives. 

the decision is your... educate yourself on these subjects and be empowered before you take a stand that you dont understand. 

good luck with any decision you take

If you wanna contact us for more enlightenment or prayer session call 0746240970 to attend a service. 


 Much LOVE!!!

  • Q:Sawubona Toba, ngicela unichazele lamaphupho nginoku phupha ngilwa ngiyinqobe impi, noma ngiwela emasimbeni, noma ngiwela esizibeni samanzi aluhlaza noma inyoka ifuna ukungiluma kodwa ngisinde noma ngihambaze. Ngingajabula uma ungangiphendula. 


A: im not good ekuchazeni amaphupho ngoba akuwona umsebenzi wami. mina ngisiza abantu ukuthi baxhumane namandla edlozi asezimpilweni zabo uma befuna ukulungisa izinkinga ababhekene nazo. 

uma ulwa uwanqoba unqoba emaphusheni angisboni isidingo sokuthi ukhathazeke. 


Q:Hi Toba. Wazi nini ukuthi kumele wenze okuthile ngomoya ababonayo abathi unawo? What I know is kuthiwa you must wait for your guides to approach you via dreams and show you the way. These days I am encountering diferent people who are giving me clashing information thus confusing me. .All I wana know is ngazi nini when to act on what I know and how do I go about doing that.? 


 I belive you accept idlozi and do ancestral rituals because there is something that is pushing you, like propblems an dblockage in life. 

Akekho umuntu osukela idlozi alenze ngoba engenazo izinkinga. Uma ungenazo izinkinga uyahlala njengabantu bonke but once kwaba khona oku kuhluphayo uyasukuma ulungise uze ugcine khona ezindabeni zedlozi. 

abanye kodwa babona ngamaphupho abatshela exactly what to do. 

it is never the same because we all are different and our powers vary in degrees. 



  • hi Toba

    thank you so much for the information you giving us it is helping a lot especially to me, i dreamnt of a flower at the back of my house after several days i saw the same flour exactly were i saw it in the dream

  • A:Hi

    Wow! this is what i always say about dreams... some of there are just there to show you that we all have some sort of powers withing us. powers which we caan use to our advantage,, deppending on oh we accept, acknowledge or appease our guides.

    good luck

  • Q:

  • Thokoza, your blog is very interesting, it was so informative that it sorted out or highlighted all the problems i have,Thanks and stay blessed

  • A: Hi

    I am forever grateful for people who visit this blog and find answers they seek because i believe that we all have these powers that we can use to our own advantage without even having to go out and consult. 

    all the best!!!

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April 6 2014 1 06 /04 /April /2014 11:54

On the 29 March we held our 1st Thokoza dlozi seminar at Catalinar theathre. Here is the presentation paper presented by one of the speakers at the seminar, Madoda Mditshwa...

Christian Religion and Africans in South Africa: Facts and Consequences by Madoda Wilson Mzimkhulu Mditshwa


Good morning my brothers and sisters, it is an honour for me to be given this opportunity to share with you my knowledge on this sensitive and troubling topic about the impact of Christianity on us as Africans. This is a topic that most people would prefer to avoid for fear of being castigated and ridiculed as non-believers, pagan, devil worshipers or Satanist. Well I am not afraid because my our ancestors have already taken all this insult on our behalf for thousands of years yet they still keep on encouraging us not to forsake our spirituality and true identify in the midst of an onslaught, an onslaught which is no longer perpetuated by the white man, but by our own brothers and sisters in the name of their newly found Jesus – their new God ancestor.

We must never forget that our people - our ancestors, didn’t just accept Christianity because they thought it was a great religion; rather they were forced, coerced, indoctrinated and tricked to accept this religion if they were to be regarded as civilised and be able to benefit from that white man’s civilisation. exp

Hence after the conversion (UKUGUQULWA) of some Africans who received Christian missionary education, a distinction was made between the Christianised Africans (amagqobhoka) and the non-Christianised ones (Amaqaba). Exp -  

This is still the case, only now we are called non-believers if we don’t want to follow their Jesus.


With that short background, let me share with you some facts about this foreign religion that has done so much damage in African society and resulted to the kind of people that we are today – a people who is confused and lack self respect when it comes to a sense of spiritual being. No wonder we now have reported cases of humiliating behaviour such as the one that took place right here in KZN, where grown – up, matured woman and man, unquestioningly followed the instructions of their Pastor to go down on their knees and eat grass just like animals, all in the name of Christian healing.  If this does not show us how much we are lost, than nothing else will.    


Facts about Christian Religion

Why is it important that I tell you about these facts about Christian Religion in Africa? Mainly it’s because I cannot sit back and do nothing when I know my people are being misled and lied to about the true nature and foundation of this religion. I believe that if African people knew what was being sold to them, was a belief system that is based on the worshiping of cosmological features and other nation’s ancestors; they would have rejected it outright. (Sun-day) exp

Christianity was first introduced to the African continent by the Roman occupiers of Kemet (Egypt) under the leadership of Emperor Theodosius in 391 AD. “Christian Emperor Theodosius banned all ancient religious systems of Egypt and ordered the closing of all Egyptian temples.


Christianity has always worked with the oppressors of African people. Every country that was invaded by whites have three things in common; 1. Its traditional leaders were killed, humiliated and imprisoned. 2. Its land taken/stolen from its owners by violent means. 3. Its people converted to Christianity and given the Bible. We as South Africans, have firsthand experience of these events. What kind of God allows this kind of cruelty to happen to His own creation? Or the Christian God is there only looks after the interests of white people? Slavery took place over 300 years,(over 10 million Africans suffered the greatest injustice ever committed by a human being on another)  where was the Christian God to save us from the Arab and White oppressors? Coincidentally both these religions together with Judaism are regarded as the Abrahamic faiths because they draw from the same founder - Abraham.


If we look at the Christian Bible, In terms of content (not interpretation) it focuses on three main issues,


1. The Old Testament is about the history of the Hebrews (Jews) in Africa (Egypt) and their journey to the “promised land” – that they call the Exodus led by their leader Moses. The Jews call this book the Torah and it’s their Holy religious book not the Bible.


The New Testament is about the story of Jesus the Christ and the Romans political manipulation to nullify all other existing indigenous religions through politically motivated doctrines and laws designed for social control.

Stolen and distorted Egyptian mythology, (The miracle virgin birth of Jesus (is a direct copy of Miracle virgin birth of Egyptian Sun God ‘Horus’ 15 centuries before Christianity) also the Ten commandments which were stolen from the 42 laws called the Declarations of Innocence or Admonitions of Maat. The trinity concept is even more telling because in Ancient Egyptian mythology, trinity meant Ausar – the Father, Aset- the Mother and Horus- the Son. The founders of Christianity stole this concept and distorted it to mean God the Father, Jesus the Son and the Holy Ghost, effectively removing the crucial role of mother figure in creation. These myths are incorporated into Christian doctrines.


The Council of Nicaea in Turkey in 325 AD was about the finalisation and agreement on these reconfigured Egyptian religious concepts, doctrines and laws to produce the new religion - Christianity. This new religion was officially made state religion by Emperor Constantine in 333 AD and he instructed that all conquered nations must be forced to accept Christianity and host the cross (crucifix) as a symbol of conquest.


Consequences of Christianity on Africans

My main aim here is to present to you the impact of Christianity on Africans so that we as Africans can have a clear understanding of our situation in order to find pragmatic solutions to remedy our state of spiritual being. If we think we can resolve many of our spiritual and socio-economic problems without understanding the underlying reasons for our present condition, we might as well accept defeat.

Introduction of Christianity in African society negatively affected us in three ways; Socially, Psychologically and Economically.



The destruction of social order, value system, marriage institution the relationship between individuals in society. exp

Making the word of God of none effect through your tradition, which ye have delivered: and many such like things do ye.” (Mark 7:13)



The spiritual void creates mental and emotional instability and other psychological related abnormalities. Who are we talking to if we are not talking to our ancestors, a channel of communication given to us by the Creator to communicate with Him/her? 

Our understanding of death as opposed to what Christianity tells us.


“…the literal and ignorant acceptance of the Judeo-Christian sacred text, what they call the “Bible”, as absolute and it is now forced to be used as a point of departure in all South African affairs. By so doing African participants are manoeuvred to move from the unknown (Jewish history) to the known (African way of life) and that approach result into mental disorder which is called a ‘Spiritual Displacement Mental Psychosis (SDMP) differing in the levels of contamination.”[19]


Christianity is a learnt foreign religion that can be unlearnt at any time.



One of the reasons African people continue to suffer today is because they still worship the “God” that was assigned to them by their former slave masters and conquerors. Christianity went hand in hand with the colonial disposition of Africans from their lands. ‘Here we had religion and robbery the allies of each other’ In this relationship Christianity is seen as a partner that provides loyal, obedient and civilised labour force that is willing to work for a wage.  

When Africans were converted into Christianity, they had to get rid of their traditional dresses and dress in European cloths. This meant they had to find money to sustain this new way of life, where do you think they will find money if their economic system was never based on the monetary system (paper or coins) but on real product exchange

The culture of consumerism we see today was long planted by our colonisers in the 1800’s. The replacement of African way of life by European lifestyle creates a demand for western goods; hence we are still consumers of everything made in the West and the East of late. It’s not our dress codes, food, technologies, that is in demand, it’s that of the western civilisations. We have been reduced to just a nation of consumers with no appetite to invent or manufacture anything

Over 400 years of Christianity has done nothing substantial for the development and advancement of the Africans. For centuries our people’s energy were used to serve the white man interest and worshiping his “God”. Till today our people are still spending valuable time worshiping the white man’s “God” instead of using all those valuable hours and resources to develop themselves. Are we so hopeless that we think that only “God” will extricate us from this state of desperation?



It is scary to know that the very foundation of our society is based on lies and deceit that are perpetuated by religious institutions led by Christianity. The moment you open your eyes you will see a religious institution that preys on human fear of the unknown, desire to escape the socio- economic hardship created by the system and desire for hope which they readily sell to people. You see, the psychology of Christianity is that once you are consumed by it, it becomes very difficult to separate between truth and deceit, especially for those with spiritual void or are under the hammer of the cruel capitalistic system, who happens to be both black and the poor in South Africa.

What I have observed in the black community is that Christianity has become the opium to dampen the pains of life just like drugs are to a drug addict. Basically Christianity and other organised religions provide intangible emotional solace for those at the receiving end of men’s created distorted social order. The fact that drugs make a drug addict to feel good during a fix, does not make the drug good. The false feeling of hope that Christianity creates, does not absolve it from the massive destruction it is causing to our way of life and value system (Ubuntu) that is supposed to be the glue to hold our communities together.

Christianity causes our people to ignore all the negative damage it caused on its arrival which our forefathers tried to repel from our lands but were defeated. Look where we are now, social and moral decay is at its peak in a country that is claimed to be more than 80% Christian.

You then ask yourself what is the purpose of this religion if moral decay is in the increase in a country that it claims to be in overwhelming majority? Obviously the pleasure of hope it creates is the only form of escapism from the social ills and personal hardships created by the white man’s social order. Just like the negative effects of drugs to the drug addict, the pleasure created by the fix of hope becomes an irresistible feel good state of mind.

So why am I telling you all this? Well firstly let me be clear that my target audience is my African brothers and sisters and those who seek the truth about this faith that is being forced on them. To my Africans I am saying to you, come back home; your original understanding of creation and the Creator has more substance than what you have been sold in the form of Christianity and Islam or any other foreign religion.  Christianity has nothing that African way of life does not already have and more, the Bible has nothing extraordinary to offer than what we already know about the existence of the Supreme Being (uMvelinqangi or uQamata) , peaceful living with fellow human beings and good moral values. To me Christianity and its Bible is nothing but a bad reminder of how our resources and intellectual wealth were plundered in the name of”God”.






List of References


Browder. A.T, Nile Valley Contribution to Civilisation,194)

BBC, ‘What the world thinks of God’, Survey February 2004, www.bbc.co.uk

Holy Bible, King James Version 1 Corinthians 15:14

M.Ballard, (2008:175)

Dr N.Mndende, (2010:02)

Baird. Vanessa. “In the name of God” an article on New Internationalist magazine of August 2004, pp9

Holy Bible, King James Version, Exodus 15:3

Blue Books on Native Affairs 1880: Special Project: Missionary Settlement in Southern Africa 1800–1925”



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September 2 2013 2 02 /09 /September /2013 11:16

From time to time I am frequently asked certain questions about what I do, who I am and how I use my gift. This is one of those articles where I attempt to answer these questions with the hope that someone out there will relate, find meaning or find an answer to their own problem at hand. Pls enjoy the read


Please explain to us exactly what it is you do and what you work with (eg. Bones, prayer, water  etc.)

A: As a spiritual medium I help people connect with their guardian angels or ancestors in their lives. As a medium ancestors or the powers use my body to communicate with my subjects. I communicate their feelings and emotions which in turn explain the problems my subjects are experiencing in their lives.


I do not use the bones or water to do a reading.


It’s a matter of presenting my body and then the spirits use me as a medium.


I use natural soils for cleansing after each and every reading. 


I also use incense to burn when doing my readings/ consultations




Please take us through the whole process of becoming a traditional healer

Is it known from birth if you are destined to become a healer? If yes, how?

Symptoms experienced that indicate that one should become a healer

How long the process of becoming a healer is


A: My process of becoming a healer was not the same as the normal one where a person goes through some form of a training called “ukuthwasa” because my ancestors refused for me to do this.

As a result my ancestors trained me themselves through dreams and visions.

-I did not know from birth that I had a gift to heal people . Even people who did a reading for me failed to see that I was going to grow p to become a spiritual healer.



What made you accept the ‘calling’ to heal?

A:  For me accepting the calling was a mixture of two things, firstly I had problems in my life as my professional life was being disturbed by my ancestors who wanted me to take the route of traditional healing and also I was fascinated and excited at entering a new world of spiritual healing which would teach me things of the spiritual world and the unknown.


I also accepted the calling because there is no better feeling that doing something that makes a difference in another person’s life. It gives me great fulfillment to see people live their lives to their fullest and at peace after  doing their ancestral rituals.


I believe that most people take up healing because they don’t have a choice, not because they wake up one day and decide they would like to be traditional/ spiritual healers.


It was not  hard for me to accept because I had been taught about the existence of ancestors from childhood, so I took and accepted almost naturally. 



Tell us a little about your ancestral guides;  what areas they assist you in, how you communicate, their likes and dislikes, and any limitations to the foods you eat or clothes you wear as influenced by them.

A:  My ancestors are a trio of a female great grandmother from my father’s side, my great grandfather also from my father’s side and my brother who was still born ( he comes two years after me)

Somehow my great grandfather is the leader even though he is not the one who had healing powers. This is because he claims he was a leader/ chief of his clan way back in Mozambique.


My great grandmother takes second place even though she comes with a gift simply because she came to marry into my dad’s family and she follows the chief’s instructions.


My brother comes as a facilitator and the one who is more active in helping me because he feels he is younger than the other two thus can be sent by the elders in carrying instructions.


My guides communicate with me by occupying my space/ body and then bring with the messages through emotions and feelings. Sometimes they use the powers of memory to create a picture in my mind or a scenario.


Their likes and dislikes:

My great grandfather as a leader likes to take the lead and does like to take instructions from anyone at times, which is the reason why they prefer that I work for myself and be self- employed because he cannot handle me having  a boss to report to now and again.

He likes to take charge of a situation.

He understands people from all walks of life because he claims that he use to lead a whole lot of people in different life situations and scenarios, so he understands how to lead and be fair to a lot of people.

He dislikes people who come into my life and act like they want to control me.

He likes people who are sympathetic, empathetic and patient with others.

He doesn’t like arrogant people who are too full of themselves.

He doesn’t judge people and he respects those who respect him, as such.


My great grandmother is a loving and caring woman who is warm- hearted and very lady-like.

She likes beautiful and neat things in life.

She likes progress and fairness in everything she does.

She is very cool, calm and collected.

She doesn’t like people who look down upon others or who thing they are better than others.


My brother is a very caring soul who cares for everybody and doesn’t like to see people suffer.

He believes in family and friendship and can be naïve at times such that he gives everyone a long rope to hang themselves before he loses his temper.

He is such a sweetheart. I love him so much!

He is quick thinking and kind.



My guides are with me all the time, so they guide and protect me and they lead me in my daily life.  If there is something that they don’t like, they come forth and make me burp or make me feel uneasy instantly.

They all prefer that I wear pants especially when I do my readings because of the nature of my work and I have been wearing pants for the most part of my life not knowing that it was something that is deeper than my practical understanding.

My guides do not particularly like me to use a phone when talking to people especially those who have problems in their lives and they want to book an appointment with me because it end to pick up on their negative energy almost immediately and this make me uneasy. I only us e the phone to close family members and friends.


I have a problem at times to attends functions with too many people, especially people with negative energies around them or people who use bad muti or do not believe in cleansing and healing their spirits.


I do not have any particular food limitations except for the foods that they like e.g red wine which I have to keep in my prayer form time to time and this does not mean that I have necessarily drink it. I also offer a sponge cake with dates for my great grandmother.

Other than that, I do not have any other limitations.




Is it possible for a traditional healer to be guided by the spirit of baby/child? Tell us a little about the influences that the different age groups of ancestral guides could possibly have on one’s personality/ character


A: Yes, it is possible as you can see in my case. (see above answer)

This baby child needs to be accepted, acknowledged and honored first before it can grow and help you properly in your work as a healer. Otherwise this spirit remains young, naïve and unable to bring healing to your subjects. It brings nothing but tears and unclear directions.

Once this spirit has been accepted and recognized, it grows and comes to you to tell you that it has grown to be your own age and can do some work for you.

The problem is if such a spirit does not grow, it holds you back and everything seems to standstill in your life. If it does help, it only does minor things which are only important to children of his/her own age group while you as a healer you grow and your needs change.


Your personality is also affected because you fail to operate as an adult in the adult world. Even people around you do not take you seriously as they brush you off most of the time and leave you behind especial in serious adult-like issues of life.

As a healer, your work as a spiritual healer does not grow and you feel like you are stuck in one place where you do not gain spiritual freedom and growth in this field.





It has been believed, in some cases, that if the traditional healer’s dominant guides are of the opposite sex, then this could have an effect on the spiritual medium’s intimate relationships (eg. Homosexuality or bisexuality). How does this happen? And is it completely spiritual or is it a chosen identity?


A:  The spiritual guide of an opposite sex can only bring with them qualities of that opposite sex but it doesn’t necessarily cause homosexuality, as such .


In intimate relationships it only shows in the fact that the only people who feel attracted toward you( and who would have possible lasting relationships with you) would be people with guides of the opposite sex themselves. Meaning if a woman has a male prominent guide as in my case, my male partners who have good relations with me are male people who are led by female guides. ( and vice versa in other cases)


So it does not mean that if a woman has a male prominent guide then they are automatically homosexuals.


In my experience, homosexuality has been a result of unrecognized ancestors or unacknowledged gifts.

I have done readings to a couple of gays and lesbians and most of them have had guides whom we may say they are appropriate but simply because they had been ignored for so long they then change them to homosexuality. A case of a male person who has a male guide who because of being ignored has decided to lower his voice and speak like a woman, is a very common cause of this condition in my experience.

Even a female person who has female guides can become lesbian simply because her guides are so tired that they even forget how to be female so they take a back seat and allow this person to be attracted to another females in real life.  Most lesbians I have done readings with have come up with guides who claim to be so tired that they don’t even know how to be female anymore. They don’t even care what happens to them such that they become submissive or victims.  And I think this is the reason why you find that females who are gays/lesbians get raped because their guides have let their guards down to such an extent that they don’t care what happens to them or who does what to them.


Lastly, I do not believe homosexuality is a chose path in life, it comes from within. We are all who we are because of the kind of guides who lead us, because of their energy of circumstances.




Christians often attribute spiritual work as work of the devil and something to be shunned as seen in Bible verses, such as Deuteronomy 18: 9-12. How would you respond to this?


A:  Lol!

I do not know the bible very well but I know that christains like to label this wok as devilish.


I strongly disagree .


I think people use the Bible to label what they see in the world but they do not look at the origin or the reason and motive of such accusations.

Christains are afraid that if people revert to spirituality they will stop going to church and then the money will stop coming into the church, thus they label this work as devilish. They ignore the fact that people do ancestral rituals to solve problems in their lives which the church cannot solve.  People go to church to worship not to be healed as such and if people can realize that there is no need to go to church then the church will lose revenue. Spirituality when done correctly seeks to empower from within and helps people to deal with their daily life problems and life mysteries thus helping people to prosper in all spheres of life. It helps people to be more balanced in life and be rooted / grounded in their own ethnical beliefs.

Going to church alone does not not solve all spiritual or ancestral problems but doing ancestral rituals solves all problems and cancels out the need to cling to any form of religion but ethnical or native as such.


There is nothing devilish about doing ancestral rituals because we cleanse the spirits and set them free so that they can guide and protect us accordingly. When this is done the correct way without any usage of bad energy/ muti or negative energy, it works wonders to those who believe and follow suit.


I do not like to quote the bilbe or even argue with people who come to me with that argument because I believe the bilbe was written about the lives of people who lived this earth just like you and  I  . The bible is based on the history of people who lived before us, how they lived their lives, how they made decisions, right or wrong and what those decisions led to.


 To me the bible is like the internet of today where people put up their status update and life experiences. It is then up the reader as to how they interpret or choose to learn from it.


If a person comes to me with an argument from the bible, I simply tell them to believe in the bible if it works for them and let those who believe in ancestors to do their own thing because it works for them. At the end of the day we should want what good for human kind no matter what it is, just  as long as it helps another fellow human being, especially Africans( considering our” übuntu”)


People have come to me before trying to criticize what I do and my response has always been that, all the religions of this world were at some stage invented by man, so I see no reason why I should follow a religion rather than a direct path that connects us human to the source/ creator or whoever you want to call it, that which is above us all, which was here before and will be here after we have departed this world.

I also feel that people who do ancestral rituals to solve problems in their lives and they do it in a very clean/pure manner they should be left alone because the power of the soul does not judge, so people should stop judging one another. The soul has no right or wrong, it only knows its purpose which is to reach for the highest level of power…that which is LOVE. So what is so wrong about that?



What is the importance of what you do in today’s world and do you do this work with economic gain in mind? If not, why?


A: What I do is very important to those people who believe in it and they have ancestral problems. People come to me because they have unanswered questions or problems in their lives and once they have appease their spirits or ancestors, they live harmonious lives and at peace.

It is very important to understand that we are all energy beings who need to know and understand the type of energy that surrounds us at all times, so that we can make sense of daily life problems and puzzles. This energy can affect the mind, body and soul of a human being if it is neglected which is why it is important to help and teach people about these powers.

Hence I created my blog www.edloziniover-blog.com where I teach and empower people about these powers. Most people find meaning in this blog, they relate to my life experiences and those with major problems go on to call me on 0746240970 and make a booking to come for a reading in my prayer place.

There was a time when I did this work for free because I strongly believe that it is a gift from above that no one can never claim to own but at some level we all need to make a living.  And people of today are not honest enough to come back and thank you or give you something to honoured  your powers once they are happy with their lives.

So, as a result I was forced to set up a fee to do my work because we are living in the world that is ruled my money and I also have needs in this world.

I have also learnt that people do not take you seriously until you charge them for your services and this very unfortunate.

So at the end of the day, time is money in this world that we live in, I also have expenses, so I cannot carry on as if I do not expect to be paid for my time. J

You always emphasize reading as an important aspect of your life, why is this the case?

A: I love reading because it teaches me a lot about this world we live, about the people I deal with on a daily basis and mostly about life and its mysteries. What you don’t know is a mystery until you read about it in a book and realize that someone else has thought of it already, talked about it already and even wrote a book about it already…

Reading enrichers’ ones mind and it helps to broaden one’s knowledge in any given subject.  

For me it was essential that I take up reading in order to learn more about the powers because I was not sent to any form of formal training for the work that I do.

Since I have taken up reading as a full time hobby, I have learnt that it helps a lot in being more tolerant and understanding to other people because you get a broader perspective of human behaviour.

My favourite subjects to read about are anthropology, spirituality and history.

Anthropology has taught me a lot about human behaviour when it comes to cultures, norms and societies. As human beings we use our circumstances to define life before us at that moment in time thus bringing about the kind of evolution that determine out future. Hence the saying “our choices determine our future” .

 I have also learnt from spirituality that we all posse a certain aspect within each and every one of us which is part of the human soul that prompts us to behave in a certain way at certain stages of our lives and through evolution of humankind. We all are reaching for a higher purpose in this world, which is to attain authentic power of LOVE.

 History has taught me that all human beings are the same no matter where in the world we come from. Our circumstances may be different but at some stage we come together as a collective union as we develop as a species naturally and / or psychologically.   Science has also played an important role in the evolution of mankind even though in the past, it has been shunned upon because it seems to contradict ulterior motives of those who want to rule the world through politics.

In the past people use to live their lives with the guidance of diviners who would communicate with the Gods and bring messages from the higher source but at some stage this changed as the world evolved.  People started making their own rules to be followed thus side stepping the diviners. Propaganda was instigated against the diviners at some stage in the history of mankind. This is the reason why people even today are unsure of where they stand when it comes to spiritual healing, religion and politics.


My favourite authors are Paulo Coelho, Dan Bown, Credo Muthwa, Neale Donald Walsh. 

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  • I am a spiritual medium who helps people determine who are the guardian angels playing a major role in their lives. I just started a range of herbal products.
  • I am a spiritual medium who helps people determine who are the guardian angels playing a major role in their lives. I just started a range of herbal products.