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July 2 2013 3 02 /07 /July /2013 18:16

 We live in a world that is diversified in so may ways-more than you can imagine but we fail to see that, at the end of the day, we all are just ONE. We are diversified in so many ways, from our belief systems, our cultural backgrounds, our upbringings and not to mention colour of our skins. But all this does not mean that we cannot live together and accept one another as ONE.

At the end of the day we are all just human beings.

Whether you believe in the theory of creation or that of evolution, it really doesn’t matter because we all have something in common…LOVE! Love is the ultimate most authentic form of energy that affects us all in the same way. There is only ONE LOVE. Love is the highest most evolved form of energy that only the most enlightened people can understand. Love accepts, does not reject, it does not judge nor it fears. The only way we can live together in peace, accepts one another in this world is if we can stop judging one another and start to accept others as they are because we all have a purpose to be here on earth. Let us help one another to grow in their own way and evolve as their journey takes them without judging and hating them.

We are all on a journey to find our purpose, to fulfil that purpose and return back to our source in a most evolved state. It doesn’t really matter how we live or evolve while we are here on earth because each and every one of us has a purpose to be here and be who we are. What matters is how we react to the experiences of this life. When we begin to judge and reject others we refuse to accept our paths here on earth as they are. That tempers with the way we evolve as a human species. Other people, their attitudes towards us and what they do contribute to our own evolutionary experiences here on earth.

The choices we make while we live on this earth not only affect us during this lifetime but they also affect other generations to come. We all have a free will to make choices but we have to be well informed about the consequences of such choices in order to reap favourable results from them, not only for us but for our children and other generations to come.

At the moment we all seem to know how others should live their lives and the way they should conduct themselves but few us live by example. We are also so focussed on converting others to choose our way of living such that we reject them if they choose something different. We fail to see that all roads lead to finding authentic LOVE and LOVE accepts us all as we are. That is the reason why you find some religions use the words like “we are all the same in the eyes a creator” This is because love is at the core of our existence. Love accepts, does not judge. It is universal and is the highest form of energy. It is free! Edlozini we say “set your spirits free”- meaning “let it be” whatever your path in life call for… When you live your life bearing in mind that we all must achieve authentic love in the end, you tend to live a peaceful life that is in line with your sole purpose. I am praying for the day when people of this world will learn to accept one another no matter what religion colour or creed they belong to. I am praying for the day when people of this world will stop trying to convert one another before they accept them as their fellow human beings. I am praying for the day when our people in this world will start to practice what they preach and stop being hypocrites who delude others for the sake of their personal gain. I am praying for the day when people of this world will encourage others to do what they believe as long as it works for them for the betterment of the human race - Not a few people or a certain group.

Nowadays we find people openly discouraging others to consult with spiritual healers just because they think it’s wrong to do so. My question is who are we to judge and control others? People go and consult with healers because they have problems that they believe spiritual healers can help them with. When you begin to judge and ridicule these people you are simply acting as a judge and jury for others and the way they should live their lives.

Nobody goes and do ancestral rituals because it is fun to do so or they just enjoy it per se. People are forced by spiritual problems which strike while they are busy with their lives to go and consult. And if doing so helps them to ease their problems and get their lives back in line who are we to judge them? If we are to judge them then maybe we must first have our facts in order before we do so. People have openly and tried to ridicule me when I do my interviews on radio regarding spiritual matters. It puzzles me though that they use the bible as the basis of their argument. I then ask them; how can they judge me based on a book that was written over a period of thousands of years, when I am merely trying to help people who are faced with real life problems at hand. People who come to me come here out of their own free will and they understand spirituality and ancestors as part of their life.

So who are they to judge people who are solving today’s problems using practical/ relevant solutions of today? People need to understand that spirituality is at the core of our existence and it will continue to be so until we realize that we are wasting time with this negative energy of judging others. Spirituality is something which cannot be seen and in some cases cannot even be heard. At the most it can only be felt. It is within each and every one of us because it was here before our physical existence, it is here now within us and will still be here when our bodies have perished because the soul is timeless. (check: Trinity Mind Body and Soul article) Spirituality is at the core of all forms of life weather you think you were created or are a result of evolution.

Spirituality is the Nothingness from which came about the matter that will one day perish- but spirituality remains because the soul travels in space and time. Before you are born, you are Nothing but a thought, then an intention, from an intuition and then you become matter only after you are conceived. If history really repeats itself, I can bet you that one day scientists will find out just how did the matter that which we call earth / our universes came about from Nothingness ( but let us not worry ourselves about that for now because it is not for our lifetime to maybe comprehend now)

There are so many things that were invented by human beings here on earth religion being one of them, not to mention language, education systems, subjects e.g. science, history, politics, mechanics, electronics etc. Have you ever wondered how some people just come about and invent things as if they have lived this life before while others are overwhelmed by such discoveries and they follow their leaders in such discoveries? That is because the soul evolves and has been doing so since the beginning of time. Each time it evolves it grows as it learns from one life time to the other. The changes take millions and millions of years that it is impossible for anyone to realize them in one lifetime. The soul has been the source of life and has managed to produce living organisms because our planet earth is the most favourable for life to thrive in our universe. With the help of the moon which helps to balance and keep our earth on its axis we are able to use the sun so that life can go on living and then we evolve as time passes by here on earth.

Before we start to judge people for what they do and what they believe in we must understand that life is a mystery that each and every one of us is trying to master the best we can, so there is no need to try and play God to others as we are all on a mission to find ourselves in this big mystery of life. How about we support and LOVE one another in whichever way we live. How about we accept one another no matter what religion they belong to?

Our African brothers and sisters were doing fine before we were introduced to Religion. We had our own polytheism going on and it worked well for us. The minute we adopted the monotheism all system fell apart. We began to have unruly kids, generation gaps and the communities are in chaos as the whole society fabric is falling apart.

There is nothing wrong with doing your ancestral rituals and praying to your ancestors so that they can pass on your messages to your God. Just as long as you practice rituals which are motivated by nothing but LOVE and praying to set your spirits free all the time. LOVE does not oppress one another or does it dictate or play God to others. We are human beings, who have evolved to a stage where we know the difference between that which is right and wrong, - this brings about the concept of free will. So, why can’t we use this free will to motivate ourselves with nothing but LOVE when we do all our ancestral rituals.

Do our prayers and channel them to God/ Source/Universe whichever we believe in as long as it work for us. Why can’t we LOVE and support one another in everything that we do as long as it is for the betterment of us all. When you help a person you are helping yourself in return.

In all my years of practicing as a spiritual medium I have realized that the people who criticize the most are those who call themselves Christians and yet they don’t even follow true Christian doctrines because some of them are the one who come and consult, at the end of the day when they encounter problems in their lives.

People who do their ancestral rituals have no problems doing it openly and going to church at the same time. So, why can’t we live together in truth, just for once?

“Why this controlling, judging and name-calling?

Let us understand that we are here on earth for one purpose only, and that is to attain the highest form of energy which is LOVE.

So, whatever you do in this life must be motivated by nothing but LOVE. LOVE for one another for the betterment of all of us, because we all are ONE!

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Obat Kutil Kelamin Tanpa Operasi 09/23/2014 17:58

Thats Good

Toba 10/08/2014 20:10

thank u 

thabile 07/27/2013 21:44

hi toba

i just recently completed intwaso yami ngayenza nomsebenzi wokubuya ekhaya kodwa to be honest with you i had a miserable time during my initiation yonke into bengiyenza was wrong in front of
ugobela wam,within the first two weeks ephehlweni bekungathi nginonyaka ngizibuza everyday ukuthi kodwa ngabe ngiyenzeni engaka to deserve such a treatment.


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  • I am a spiritual medium who helps people determine who are the guardian angels playing a major role in their lives. I just started a range of herbal products.